Music and Feminism- “The Man of her Dreams”


So, a few days after the holidays I started sorting out the playlists on my Ipod. In the process, I noticed something interesting about some of my music. I was randomly selecting songs that I like and putting them in my “on the go” list. These songs have something in common, the female experience. I had about seven songs that could by some women’s standards be considered feminist (there are many kinds of feminism, but that’s for later). These particular artists have transferred the female experience to their music. Lily Allen, Shakira, the famous P!nk use their music to convey their ideas on social issues, gender standards, sex, and female stereotypes. Who can forget “Stupid Girls” by P!nk, a song praised by many of us. Recently, I stumbled onto Lily Allen’s 22, a song about a very common female stereotype. The one that raises the fears of reaching thirty and single. Women expected marry by the age of thirty, have a career, and be “settled.” Shakira has talked about this before, referring to it as limitations set by our own culture, our society. I do realize that these three woman and kinds of feminist, social and cultural.

Now, I like this trend. It reminds me of Billy Holiday, Alanis Morisette, and many others. I’m personally very touched by Lilly Allen’s 22. Why? Well, I’m feeling the pressure. I feel the pressure to get married, have the perfect career, and live it all before I’m 30. I know that women are getting married later in life now at days, but my Dominican family doesn’t seem to see that as a good thing. I don’t even believe in marriage actually, not now at days. Well, they wouldn’t hate me for not accomplishing those things, but they would probably still judge me. It’s kind of sad. I’m just one hundred percent sure that life doesn’t end at 30. The idea of being “settled” is also put up for interpretation. It means  different things to different people. Therefore, let’s not worry about time. It will never be too late for anything.

Luv, Steph


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