Back to College, Books, and Money

Alright, this is my last year of college. I’m excited and nervous about what this year might bring. I want to finish all my credits on time, spend time with my friends, and do well. I have two thesis to write, a very happy and hopeful mother, and a job to land (somehow). I’m the first to graduate from college in my nuclear family. The first to graduate from college in the United States in my extended family (yeah, this family thing is complicated).

Today, I made a list of things I need for my classes. If my calculations are right, I would be expending more than 600 dollars in books and utilities this semester. Now, this is not much money for some, but I’m just a broke college student. Science majors, I feel your pain. Science books are the most expensive of the them all. I’m not a science person, but I get no help from my family when it comes to school.  Actually, they expect me to vindicate their status some day, not  pressure. If they could help, they would help me without thinking it twice.

The reality is that books are expensive. The prices are not going down, and the tuition is going up. In New York City, the government is cutting out on many of the programs that help students go to school. I don’t know if this is nationwide, but this is definitely a concern for me. The reality is that many student feel discouraged to keep attending college or university if they feel overwhelmed with bills and when their families lack the means necessary to send their sons and daughters to school. I wish this issue wasn’t so complicated, but it is very mind troubling. I wish his budget cuts could be rethink and that my books weren’t so expensive. I could go back home for the first school break if they were just a few bucks less. Yes, I’m venting. It doesn’t mean this isn’t a real issue.

If this is your first year at college, these sites might be informational. Thanks for reading.

Best of the best.

Also, check out College Candy once in a while. They have great tips on fashion and saving for women.


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