The Puss In Boots (Boots)

Rating: Fun!

Type: Movie

“These boots are made for walking….” Sorry, I couldn’t help it. This song comes to me every time I think about Boots. He’s such an adorable cat, voiced by Antonio Banderas, and directed by Chris Miller. This movie made 34 million dollars during its opening weekend last week. It got  a 81 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

There were a few scenes that made me take a deep breath. These had  to do with my dislike of stereotypical presentation of Mexicans. (I dislike stereotypes, especially when these are hurtful). You would have to watch the movie and judge.

“Steph, it’s a movie, you can’t take it too seriously.” Yes, my friend, I understand. I find that Puss’s persona, though a little stereotypical, is extremely hilarious.

As part of my film major requirements, I spent at lot time analyzing (sometimes over-analyzing) films/movies at a small liberal arts college. Therefore, I’m a firm believer that art has a tremendous influence in our culture. The reality is that there’s nothing better than Hollywood to re-enforce racial and ethnic stereotypes. Although, I don’t generalize. There are plenty of pictures that do not fall on this category.

Fortunately, these awkward scenes are  few. The jokes are hilarious, Boots was adorable, and Kitty Softpads (Salma Hayet) was a badass. Boots’s story stood on its own. In other words, Boots worked well without his Shrek’s companions. I really love this movie and I’d watch it again.

This overconfident Casanova wanna be made me laugh, sigh, and go “awwe.” The whole Latin lover persona works well for him. This is not entirely profound, but it’s fun. It has plenty of witty moments to enjoy.



Oscars Update: Nominated for best animated film


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