A Post-Grad Life Moment

This weekend I spent it watching romantic comedies. Mainly, I pondered about my future and my unhappy state of mind. I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Princess Bride, and 50 First Dates denying my loveless love life. Although, I find myself enjoying the stories of the people on the screen, dreaming that maybe one day I could get to experience something similar. (Note: I’m talking about loving someone that way and being loved the same way in returned.)

The magic of cinema is to paint a whole new world for us, good or bad. I retreat into the film world when life is too overwhelming, which is often. Life after college ain’t easy. It means an entry-level job (which you are probably overqualified for), school loans (for many), and trying to figure out what to do with your life. I took the chance at liberal arts. Thus, even though I learned plenty, the harsh reality is that it makes life difficult in our current economic period.

I reached for the DVD shelf searching rescue.

I tried to find some consolation, but did not find any. How can these characters afford these lovely apartments in the city, while still holding below average jobs? How do they suddenly bump into the love of their live? A college friend and I shared the same question. Do movies/film set up unrealistic expectations for college grads? I do not know the answer to this question.

Nonetheless, films/movies have not entirely failed us. I enjoy every moment of Pretty Woman. I mean, the fairytale story of a hooker was never this realistic (sarcasm). When times are hard, we want to hold on to hopes and dreams. Maybe escape for a while and enjoy a cup of tea. Did I imagine four years ago that I would be in this place? Yes, I admit that I imagined some of it.

My Wonder Woman obsession was not enough to lift me up from the weekend’s mood. The Wonder Woman in me needed a break too, so she ditched all her principles, and spent the day in bed, watching romantic comedies for comfort. Hey, Wonder Woman can take a day off!

Note: If you are a post grad do not underestimate your potential. The best weapon to success is persistence and passion. While this passion might take long to find for some, do not be discouraged. You might have heard that all beginnings are hard, and this is true.




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