Oscar Buzz 2013: Argo

(Possible Spoilers)

Argo is an adaptation/dramatization of the 1980 CIA extraction of six American diplomatic personal from revolutionary Iran. Clinton administration released information about the project during the Clinton administration.

Ben Affleck directs and plays the lead role of Tony Mendez, the CIA agent in charge of the operation. The film made $19,458,109 (USA) on opening night. It has a 94% audience rating on the Rotten Tomatoes website. Ben Affleck did a fantastic job directing this film. There was a sense of suspense, which is what you would expect from a thriller film.

The moment Tony (Affleck) arrives in Iran, he keeps finding bodies hanging from bridges and polls all over the city. It becomes clear to the audience this might be a foreshadow of Tony’s death. The bodies are event dressed as Tony. These subliminal messages of death kept me fidgeting throughout the duration of the film.

The end of the film was good. There is a complicated chase. Although the ending works for the story, I’m not sure if it is necessary for the audience’s entertainment. I don’t know why it made me feel a little uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, Affleck’s acting is good. He did a good job as Tony Mendez. This is a fresh and interesting look for him. He did a fantastic job directing film. There’s no doubt this film has Oscar Buzz all over it.


This film is rated R.




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