Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts: Humanity & Our Future 

(Perhaps not the best tittle)

The end of the year approaches and I realize that I will remember 2012 as a sad and sometimes painful year. I had my share of personal loses, including the lost of a loving grandfather.

I wanted to post something new for a while now. However, I couldn’t find it in myself to post a book review or a movie review without acknowledging our losses. I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself.

This is the thing about humanity. These tragedies occurred, but we can’t lose faith in ourselves. One hundred years from now we will be remembered by all the things we did for those who come after us. We won’t be remembered collectively, not individually.

We have the power to shape the future, through the pen or through our voices, but these voices might have to become one voice in order to create any change at all.

My point is… Be kind to each other…

Note: Happy Holidays and I hope all of you are well. Take Care

Thanks for reading,



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