The Doctor’s New and Old Companions

 Important: Spoiler Alert (Season 1 to Season 6)

Although I’m terribly sad about Amy and Rory’s departure, I couldn’t wait to see the doctor’s new companion in action. Asylum of the Daleks, the first episode of season/series seven presents a promising preview of Clara Oswin’s (played by Jenna-Louise Coleman) personality.

Clara is a talented and intelligent young woman. She also has the remarkable ability to speak faster than the tenth doctor (David Tennant). It’s fun to listen to her speak because she’s witty and funny. In my mind, Clara is a combination between Amy Pond and River Song, with a little of Rose Taylor.

(Also, all the running… reminds me of Jenny in The Doctor’s Daughter.)

Okay, it’s evident that I’m excited about this new partnership. The Doctor’s companions have a way of showing different aspects of him. Clara will become the eleventh’s doctor third companion, yet he still doesn’t know why she re-emerges into his life. Who is Clara Oswin?

The possibilities are endless. Nonetheless, the most exciting part of watching Doctor Who is seeing him interact and grow with his companions.

 Side Note: Can someone translate the Galliffreyan on the new Tardis for me? My Google Translate does not translate Galliffreyan.

Here’s my personal (and short) assessments of the Doctor and his companions’ relationships from 2005 to present.

Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) is the doctor’s first love interest. She sees the Doctor evolve and change, through time and regeneration. Their relationship is the one of star-crossed lovers (similar to star-crossed lovers). She’s from the earth, and he’s from Gallifrey. Then, fate separates them just when they are getting closer. The tenth doctor argues that he “is born in blood and battle”
(Journey’s End, Episode 14), but she “made him better.”

Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke) follows Rose to the end to the world. Mickey’s drive is protecting and helping the woman he loves. In earlier episodes, he complains that he’s not an important part of the team, and treated differently. He learns more about himself than he would have ever done on earth. By the time the Doctor acknowledges Mickey’s feelings, the young man has already found a new purpose. Just like Marta, Mickey becomes a soldier.

Captain Jack Harkness  life begins when he meets the doctor. He learns to live a life of purpose and dedicates himself to safeguarding earth from extraterrestrial invasions and insurgence. If anything, the Captain becomes an example on of how life changes when you travel across the universe with the Doctor. Jack becomes a little brother, in more ways than one.

The Doctor initially felt guilty for turning Jack’s life around. I believe it surprised him to see Jack so unbothered by his new strength. I would dare say that the Doctor sees immortality as a curse, not a gift. The Doctor has lived long and seen plenty. Jack’s  presence reminds him of his past and the man he became. He knows that Jack’s life may follow the same path.

Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) falls in love with the Doctor, (who doesn’t?) but he does not return her feelings. She arrives just a little after Rose Taylor, and the Doctor is grieving her lost. Martha’s mother warns her about the Doctor, in fear that she will get her feelings hurt. However, Martha is smitten, and her experience as a doctor complements the Gallifreyan’s skills. She always provides logical explanations to problems and more earthly (without alien perspective) solutions. Martha makes a few sacrifices to travel with the Doctor. She prejudices her relationship with her mother, she experiences a great deal of discrimination (Human Nature & The Family of Blood), and she has to see her family suffer under the Master’s regime. Martha eventually becomes a soldier.

The Doctor trusts Martha and her abilities. Unfortunately, the Doctor spends some of his time with Martha trying to recreate his memories with Rose. Martha accuses him of trying to replace Rose in the episode Gridlock. He agrees and opens up about his past. Martha eventually decides to leave, acknowledging that he will never return her feelings.

Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) brings humor to Doctor Who. She’s funny and sarcastic. According to Agatha de Cristi (The Unicorn and the Wasp), Donna and the Doctor bicker “like an old married couple.” Yet, Donna sees more cruelty than any of the other companions. The Fires of Pompei and the Planet of the Ood are examples of these heartfelt episodes. She reminds the doctor that sometimes, “he needs someone there” to stop him. The Doctor sees Donna as a confidant, telling her about his lost children and his life in Gallifrey. These are things he never told any of his other companions. The doctor argues that their meeting was fate, set to happen from the beginning because she is destined to save the world, and him.

Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) introduces us to a new version of the doctor, the eleventh doctor (Matt Smith). This doctor is more playful than the tenth doctor. We see him interact more with children more often, dancing, solving mysteries with children, and protecting them. He’s the protector of the children. The new doctor is everything young Amelia Pond dreamed. The Doctor is even willing to rewrite time for Amy, something the tenth doctor would never do. In God Complex, the Doctor gets a deeper understanding of his relationship with Amy. He realizes that she has a strong faith in him, almost like he’s a god. The Doctor fears he’s developing a god complex and does not want to hurt them. “Forget your faith in me,” he says, “I took you with me because I was vain. I wanted to be adored.”

Amy and Rory consider the doctor as family in despite his insecurity about their relationship. They set a place for him at the dinner table every year for christmas (The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe). He later realizes that his friendship with Amy and Rosy is genuine (not the result of his “god complex”) and that he misses them.

Rory Willams (Arthur Darvill) waited TWO THOUSAND YEARS for Amy Pond. During which time Amy is safely trapped inside a box. Rory is in all sense of the word, Amy’s soulmate. Rory and Amy’s relationship is constantly put to the test. Nonetheless, their love conquers every obstacle, including the kidnapping of their child. Together, Amy, Rory, and River become the Doctor’s new family.

River Song (Alex Kingston) battles evil aliens with style, wild curly hair and laser guns. Perhaps, this is the most significant relationship in the eleventh’s doctor life, his new love interest. River and the Doctor have plenty in common, her love for adventure, mysteries and the inability to stay put for one minute. They become partners in crime. River Song is the only other Time Lord the Doctor knows exists, although she loses her ability to regenerate. The Doctor is willing to let her love him, without talking himself out the relationship. Perhaps, this is because he knows River’s future.

The Doctor is uncharacteristically vulnerable around River. She’s the only other person that can make him blush. He even teaches her to pilot the Tardis. The Doctor and River’s relationship has not come to an end. Therefore, we will see more of them together and see how their relationship grows.

What do you guys think?



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3 thoughts on “The Doctor’s New and Old Companions

  1. I like your point about River bringing out vulnerability. I think it’s important that there’s someone out there who doesn’t view him as omniscient, since she’s just as mysterious to him as he is to her!

    1. Thanks. I’m still working on this post because I keep thinking about the doctor’s relationships with this companions. I’m still examining these relationships in the context of the Doctor’s story. It’s harder than I thought. 😉

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