Movie Review: Warm Bodies


Rated: PG-13
Comedy, Romance, and Horror
Director: Jonathan Levine
Writer: Jonathan Levine and Isaac Marion (Novel)

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that book adaptations are rarely better than (or as good as) the books. Therefore, in this review I will not compare the book, Warm Bodies, to its movie adaptation. In case you’re curious about book, check out Woodsiegirl’s book review.

Warm Bodies is the book adaptation of Isaac Marion’s novel, by the same title. Nicholas Hoult plays R, an unusual zombie who feels lonely among fellow zombie companions. R feels confined, limited by the restrictions of his own undead body. He yearns for conversation, affection, and warmth. R’s life changes the moment he meets Julie, and he finds himself attracted to a girl, alive and dangerous. R must make an emotional journey, from undead to becoming alive once again.

Warm Bodies exceeds expectations. I went to the theater expecting a bloody zombie comedy, maybe with a little more drama than necessary, but I was pleasantly surprised. Nicholas Hoult (R) and Teresa Palmer (Julie) make a great performance. The movie was fast paced, and heart-warming. It has its funny moments, with one-liners that make the audience burst out laughing.

The graphics included in this movie did not distract from the story line. In fact, the graphics look quite well… And a little scary.

However, the attempt to use music as satire or comedy sometimes fails. I think the music works well as part of the romance, but not so well when it’s used to evoke comedy. Additionally, I liked the ending, but I wish the last scenes played out a little differently. Again, this is my opinion, and I’m being picky.

Overall, Jonathan Levine managed to keep this story fun and highly entertaining. I recommend it for anyone who likes zombies and romantic comedies. If you  want something more like The Walking Dead, this is not for you. I enjoyed Warm Bodies because of R’s amusing musings and insights about being human. Perhaps, like R, we might feel unable to enjoy the simple pleasures of life (like dreaming), searching for something that would make us feel alive again.

Thanks god, for books.

And thanks for reading,



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