Have You Met Jay Gatsby?

              Hello!  I’m back after a long and well needed break from blogging. Today we have a guest post by  Maggie’s Camera. A photographer and blogger. Check out her blog. Enjoy!


The last time I was this excited for a film, it was The Dark Knight. I am a HUGE Christian Bale fan. I was absolutely captivated by the Heath Ledger tragedy, and I had grown fond of the Batman character as I got older. I am so excited. I think I send Steph a message about once a week reminding her that I am excited about it! Which led to me writing a guest post for this blog about the movie remake of The Great Gatsby.

In preparation for this post, I tried to watch the original 1974 movie version of The Great Gatsby with Robert Redford. (The Sting is probably one of my favorite “old timey” movies.) And ended up getting about an hour into it before I had to stop.

I had forgotten about how slow the beginning of the story was, and kept getting distracted while watching it. However, watching the 1974 version made me more excited for the movie for a variety of reasons.

Number 1: Baz Luhrmann, the director

Baz Luhrmann is known for his over the top style. When I think of Luhrmann as a director, Moulin Rouge! and Romeo + Juliet are the first films to come to my mind. Moulin Rouge is a wonderful movie, a work of art, and I can’t picture any other director being involved. On the other hand, Romeo + Juliet is a trainwreck. My friend, a theater major and Shakespeare enthusiasts, watched it with me for her first time, and she kept saying “what am I watching” over and over again and not in a pleasant way. So when you realize Luhrmann is directing a movie, you pause and wonder, “will this actually be a good film.” However, I think that doesn’t need to be the case with The Great Gatsby. The character, Jay Gatsby, himself was rather over the top and very showy. This comparison between the character Gatsby and Luhrmann’s directing style suggest that Luhrmann will enhance the story instead of pulling it into the realm of “how did this get made?”

Number 2: Leonardo DiCaprio

I had been a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio even before I ever saw him in a movie. (I was unable to see Titanic and Romeo + Juliet in theaters). The image he projects in the media is a gentleman with excellent tastes. Most importantly, he’s lovable. These combinations of characteristics and people being enthralled by him match the Jay Gatsby character perfectly. I can’t imagine another actor in Leonardo’s age group playing this role. (George Clooney would have been the best choice 10 years ago, but not today). Hopefully this film will score DiCaprio the oscar he seems to always be shy of. (My theory is that one of the reasons they delayed the film was so Leo would not go against Daniel Day-Lewis’s amazing performance.)

Number 3: The Music

The 1974 film’s score won the oscar, so you are probably surprised to see me bringing this up. However, the previews suggest that Luhrmann is going to pull in a lot of contemporary music that reflects the themes of the story. After doing more research (on Wikipedia), I learned the producer of the soundtrack is Jay-Z. He is an excellent choice to produce the album because music he is often connected to often has themes that reflect the themes found in The Great Gatsby. Those are my central reasons for being excited for The Great Gatsby, and we’re about a month away, so let the countdown begin!



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