“Oh My Stars!” Who or what is Clara Oswin Oswald?


Important: Spoiler Alert


Who or what is Clara Oswin Oswald? The Doctor is so intrigued, he spends his spare time (time not saving planets and people) trying to figure out an answer. The same happened with the mystery of River Song, except Clara’s mystery is more frustrating. Why? I think there’s a possibility that Clara is family. Perhaps, she’s a family descendant, related to his lost granddaughter or child.

We have seen the Doctor’s dynamic with his friends and past companions. We have seen him interact with strangers, but we know little to nothing about this family. In The Doctor’s Daughter episode, the doctor suddenly and unexpectedly becomes a father. What happens to his daughter after she wakes up? The Doctor still thinks she’s dead.

Okay, I have no evidence to support this theory. However, I pondered this question enough to entertain various thoughts.

There are many theories out there, many.  As these start to pile, I’ve selected my top five favorite and fun theories circulating in the net.

1. Family. This is mainly wishful thinking. The idea has me hoping that the Doctor’s daughter will come back, at least for a last round. The Doctor blames himself for the lost of the Time lords, Gallifrey, and his family. I’m intrigued about how the Doctor would deal with a family member on board. There have been subtle hints. Let’s not forget about the small bassinet the Doctor keeps in the Tardis (Good Man Goes to War), or how casually he mentions his granddaughter in the latest episode. Could she be the Doctor’s daughter? Grandchild?

Tardis-tardis-6289829-1024-7682. The Essence/Soul of the Tardis. The Great Intelligence continues to make its presence known.  What does he want? The last time we checked in with the Doctor, the intelligence wanted to take over the world and to kill the Doctor himself. One of the theories circulating the net suggest that Clara is the result from the Tardis’ first interaction with the great intelligence (possibly from The Doctor’s Wife episode). I don’t know how this would work, but it idea sounds awesome/brilliant.

3. Creation of the (Doctor’s) mind. Did the Doctor conjured the perfect companion? This is a reference to the episode, The Abominable Snowman. In this episode, Clara and the children give life to the snowmen with the power of their minds. Is Clara a combination of all the previous companions? If so, this might be a sad  realization for the doctor.

4. Multiple Dimensions Clara. Some believe that Clara and the Doctor continue to meet through different dimensions. Of this, the Doctor seems oblivious, knowing that it is extremely difficult for the Tardis to travel through dimensions, but not impossible.

5. Dalek Creation.  Lastly, the first time we meet Clara, she is a Dalek with the consciousness of a human. How did she escape?

Please let me know about your theories? Dalek Creation? I want to hear. 

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8 thoughts on ““Oh My Stars!” Who or what is Clara Oswin Oswald?

  1. I agree – I think Clara is family. I think it’s no coincidence that that the Doctor says that he and his grand-daughter visited the Rings of Akhatan many years ago – Steven Moffat would not allow a line like that unless it is a connection to something. The fact that the Tardis “doesn’t like” Clara may also be a hint. Remember, this year is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and the Doctor’s grand-daughter, Susan Foreman, stayed on Earth with David in the 1964 episode “The Dalek Invasion of Earth” – so the Doctor did/does have family on Earth. (And I think Susan kept her Tardis key…) I can’t connect it all together but I’m sure that we’ll find out that Clara is family.

  2. Timelord – most likely Romana or the Rani (dark horse is Rodan from Invasion of Time). In Planet of Spiders and Logopolis it was categorically stated that Time Lords could create projections of their next incarnation prior to their actual regeneration whom people could interact with.

    Let’s look at the possible connection that Clara has with Time. In the Snowmen – she stated that she was born inside Big Ben which accounted for her excellent sense of time. In The Rings of Akhaten, when she entered the TARDIS she was far more interested in the fact that the TARDIS could travel in TIME than in Space. In Cold War, she was specific with the Professor that she COULDN’T tell the Professor about the future. In Hide, she quickly understood that the Doctor was merely planning to move the TARDIS in TIME rather than space..

    And in addition, there is a image of YOUNG Clara from beginnings of The Rings of Akhaten floating around the internet, with her wearing a shirt or sweater with TWO HEARTS on it.

    I know this theory does not account for Clara having a family or the antagonism of the TARDIS to her (except it possibly recognizing her as the Rani). But a Time Lord Projection would not know they were a projection and would be perceived by all other people and things to be real…

  3. They have been dropping easter eggs about previous companions for a couple of episodes now, Susan and now Tegan (Made a remark about an Austrailian he was late in getting to the airport), I think this is to warm us up for the aniversery and will have nothing to do with Clara. It was never stated that the Doctor was immune to the nanites, only assumed. Modern Clara is the combined memories of all his companions. She is a manifestation of the Doctors mind. She does not exist. Neither does most of this season.

    For you see, the Doctor never left the Assylm. He is still there. I would imagine they are attempting a full conversion like they did with Clara, and like Clara, it is just too horrable, So the Doctor created his own fantasy. One where Amy and Rory fix their marrage, escape, and eventually live out their lives together. The “Tardis” and modern Clara not getting along fits as well, for the Doctor knows in his mind that Clara is false. The Tardis is telepathic and would know this as well, simply because the Doctor knows it.

    The episode about love and the “ghost” lady timetraveler from the future. The whole thing could be a subconious remider in the doctors psycie attempting to prevent love from being deleted.

    So the escape, Clara being reborn, raised as a child, traveling with the Doctor, NONE of it is happening. Only in his mind. The Tardis is now cold and scarey. Its not futuristic like in the classic series, its not the warm whimsical version we saw with the Ponds, Its not organic looking like with 9 and 10, no. Its dark, cold, and “unfeeling-ish”. Like its missing something, or its incomplete somehow. I dont know, maybe its just me, but its more reminicent of the Masters old Tardis, or the Ranis’. More like the stronghold of a villian, and not the castle of a hero.

    It would seem that Amy and Rory may have one last rescue to perform. After all the times he saved them, now the time has come for them to save him.

    1. Wow that is a great theory. I didn’t think about the doctor still trapped in the dalek asylum. I can’t wait to see what happens. I’m excited for the cybermen episode. It looks great.

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