The Lovely, One Lovely Blog Award

I came back from vacation and found out that I’ve been nominated for the Lovely Blog Award. Big thanks to Sabrina at The Urban Book Thief for the nomination. I’m excited and flattered at the same time. I’m happy to know that someone likes my posts. I never thought I would be nominated for any blog award of any type. Can I still call myself a rookie blogger? I think, yes. Nonetheless, it is great to know that I’m not doing bad.

Now let’s get close and personal. I get to reveal seven random facts about myself and the chance to nominate seven other blogger for the Lovely Blog Award.

1 is the number of lights in my room.

2. I love rainy days when I get to stay home in the company of a good book and hot chocolate.

3. My interest in the science fiction and fantasy genres started at the age of nine.

4. I re-watch one of the following movies when I feel sad: Stranger than Fiction (directed my Marc Foster), Wonder Woman (Lauren Montgomery), and 50 First Dates (Peter Segal). I’m still trying to figure out why, but these are my feel-good movies.

5. I speak two and a half languages.

6. I once owned a dog named Felix. She was wonderful.

7 is one of my favorite numbers.

Alright, here are my nominations for the Lovely Blog Award:

These bloggers work really hard. I genuinely believe they deserve this award. At the same time, I wish I could re-nominate Sabrina. She is a fantastic blogger, please check out her blog. Thank you so much!





5 thoughts on “The Lovely, One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you for the nomination, and the kind words, but I have retired from these award things, but I accept in spirit! You are right, I do find it hard work, and I always think I’m going to run out of stuff to blog about. Saying that I still have a few subjects that I’m trying to draw out and soon should have a two-part blog post about my struggles, against the clock, to get to Dublin last year. It won’t be what you imagine.

    1. Thank you. I figured these chained awards could not be too bad. Plus, you work really hard on your blog. I wish we could have a conversation about monsters at some point…maybe a question and answer? An interview type of thing?

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