The Lovely, One Lovely Blog Award

I came back from vacation and found out that I’ve been nominated for the Lovely Blog Award. Big thanks to Sabrina at The Urban Book Thief for the nomination. I’m excited and flattered at the same time. I’m happy to know that someone likes my posts. I never thought I would be nominated for any blog award of any type. Can I still call myself a rookie blogger? I think, yes. Nonetheless, it is great to know that I’m not doing bad.

Now let’s get close and personal. I get to reveal seven random facts about myself and the chance to nominate seven other blogger for the Lovely Blog Award.

1 is the number of lights in my room.

2. I love rainy days when I get to stay home in the company of a good book and hot chocolate.

3. My interest in the science fiction and fantasy genres started at the age of nine.

4. I re-watch one of the following movies when I feel sad: Stranger than Fiction (directed my Marc Foster), Wonder Woman (Lauren Montgomery), and 50 First Dates (Peter Segal). I’m still trying to figure out why, but these are my feel-good movies.

5. I speak two and a half languages.

6. I once owned a dog named Felix. She was wonderful.

7 is one of my favorite numbers.

Alright, here are my nominations for the Lovely Blog Award:

These bloggers work really hard. I genuinely believe they deserve this award. At the same time, I wish I could re-nominate Sabrina. She is a fantastic blogger, please check out her blog. Thank you so much!





Adventures of a Rookie Blogger

I’m a rookie blogger. 😦 

I decided to start my blog about four years ago. At first, this idea wasn’t quite appealing. Perhaps, it wasn’t alluring at the time because my idea of blogs consisted of only one type: personal dairies. A few friends and mentors advised me to get a personal journal instead.

Nonetheless, after checking out a few blogs and speaking to bloggers– I decided to start one. A blog, I thought, would give me the opportunity to practice my writing, improve my grammar and editing skills. (English is not my first). At the time, I also thought that it would give me the opportunities to write about the topics that interested me, such as education, women’s issues, writing, film, and books.

My first tries at blogging looked like this: Link.

These are embarrassing to read now. I look back and realized that my attempts were poor at best. Granted, I still think my attempts at blogging are poor. I don’t update often, and my topics are quite scattered. I’ve written attempts at film and book reviews, on trending news about women, and written personal observation on random topics. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was doing everything wrong. After doing some research, I learned that most popular blogs concentrate on one topic. These are often about specific music or books genres, travel journals/guides, writing, photography, etc. Sometimes blogging actually feels like writing a journal. I started to wonder if those friends I mentioned were right after all.

Regardless, here are the five things I learned from my adventures as a rookie blogger:

Grammar/Editing. As mentioned, English is not my first language. I started writing a blog to hone my writing and editing skills. Why? If I’m putting my writing online for the world to read, then this means I need to put more effort into my writing and editing.

It’s not a secret that grammar and editing are essential when it comes to blogging (writing anything actually). Communication is a great factor of our lives and our careers. It’s the way in which we engage with others and present ourselves to the world (in whichever language we speak). Readers might be put off by poor grammar. It’s essential to write as clearly as possible. After all, writing is rewriting, and practice is the only way to become skilled at those things.

Book Reviews.  In the beginning, writing reviews for me consisted on writing only positive reviews and withholding my negative opinions of what I read. My reluctance on writing negatively about books comes from the knowledge that writers put a lot of work into these books. My first reviews were short and badly edited. Although I have not mastered the skill of writing book reviews, I understand that these should not be mean, but honest. Readers like to read honest reviews. If they believe to share the same feelings about a book reviewed on my blog, these readers will likely come back for more reviews. This type of blogs are wonderful for avid readers. It’s also a great way to exercise critical thinking. Again, all of this is partly an observation.

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