Human Trafficking in America’s Backyard

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Human trafficking occurs in every corner of the globe from the southernmost foothills of Patagonia to the northernmost region of Siberia. Human trafficking is an egregious violation of human rights – one that often strips its victims of self-worth only to refill them with fear, isolation and desperation.

In the United States, a country most may not immediately associate with human trafficking, the U.S. Department of Justice ranks human trafficking as the second fastest growing criminal industry, behind only drug trafficking, with between 14,500 and 17,500 new people trafficked into America each year.

Every hour, 34 people in America are forced into prostitution. 

In 2013, human trafficking made national headlines when Ariel Castro was arrested (and eventually convicted) for kidnapping, raping, and forcibly locking three girls in his basement for a period spanning over ten years. One victim, Amanda Berry, even bore his child, thereby increasing the victim count to…

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A Woman rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes: What’s Saudi Arabia monarchic law?

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A Girl, a rape victim sentenced to be lashed: What’s Saudi law? 

“The victim’s sentence was increased because her lawyer had spoken out…”

Again, who “has shown ignorance?”

When the defense attorney for a raped Saudi Arabian woman appealed a Sharia Court decision that the 90-lash sentence against his client was unjust, what resulted was more than doubling of the punishment meted out to the woman who was raped and beaten by 7 men, as reported by the women’s rights-centered news portal The Clarion Project on Sept. 22, 2013.

Timothy Whiteman, Wilmington Conservative Examiner, published this Sept. 24, 2013:

A yet to be publiclly identified female gang rape victim was initially found guilty and sentenced to 90 lashes for violating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia‘s (KSA) rigid Islamic law on segregation of the sexes.

The Kingdom’s General Court determined the woman sat in an automobile…

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Gendercide in India: Interview with Nyna Caputi, producer and director of documentary film “Petals in the Dust”

Something to look into… Media Activism.

Girl’s Globe is a wonderful blog to follow. This is how I stay updated on human rights, gender equality, and gender-based violence concerns.

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Petals in the dust 2Nyna Pais Caputi, the producer and director of the film Petals in the Dust, is originally from India and currently lives in the Bay Area. She founded the Global Walk for India’s Missing Girls in 2010, which is an international awareness campaign on “gendercide” in India that has taken place in over 25 cities and five countries. Caputi’s film, Petals in the Dust, is a documentary that brings to light the tragic murders of millions of Indian girls and women due to a preference of sons among Indian society. The film explores the roots of misogyny, the experiences of women across socioeconomic and political lines, and the efforts bring an end to gender-based violence. The upcoming film’s trailer has been screened in numerous cities in India, Canada and USA, and is quickly drawing attention from people. Girls’ Globe catches up with the woman behind the camera.

Jasmine: You…

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My Favorite Commencement Speeches- Congratulations Class of 2013!

In honor to my friends graduating this weekend, I have compiled a list of my favorite commencement speeches. After graduation, I found myself going back to some of these speeches for inspiration and reassurance. These are just the kind of commencements’ speeches I wished I had. If you are worried about what’s going to happen after graduation (about your job search, money, family, etc), then these are for you. I’m sure not everyone is going to listen to all speeches, but I urge you to give them a try. These speeches are quite humbling and down to earth.


1.  John Green’s Commencement Speech 2013 – The most recent, but already one of my favorites.

2. J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement 2011

3.  Harvard University 2011 Class Day Speech by Amy Poehler

4. Steve Jobs‘ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address