Once Upon A Time: Neal Cassidy’s* Real Identity


The Possible Identity of Once Upon A Time’s Neal Cassidy.*

Here are my top three theories:

1. Peter Pan. The references to Native American culture, the lost children, Neverland, Emma’s history and a new relationship with Captain Hook, make me suspicious. Could Peter Pan have escaped Neverland? What happened in between the time Hook lost his arm and the love of his life?

2. Baelfire. It’s a possibility. We can’t wait to see him running around Storybook, fighting monsters and arguing with his father. Would he just show up at the door and say “hey, dad! I’m home?” I can’t wait!

3. Human/Not From a Fairy Tale. I don’t know what August/ Pinocchio showed Neal in episode six (season two), Tallahassee. Was he able to see magic because he simply believed in it? Or is he from an unknown magical world? As boring as it may sound, he might be human. And it could be great.

What do you think?

*According to the official Once Upon a Time site, Neal’s last name is spelled Cassidy instead of Cassady.