Human Trafficking in America’s Backyard

Girls' Globe

Human trafficking occurs in every corner of the globe from the southernmost foothills of Patagonia to the northernmost region of Siberia. Human trafficking is an egregious violation of human rights – one that often strips its victims of self-worth only to refill them with fear, isolation and desperation.

In the United States, a country most may not immediately associate with human trafficking, the U.S. Department of Justice ranks human trafficking as the second fastest growing criminal industry, behind only drug trafficking, with between 14,500 and 17,500 new people trafficked into America each year.

Every hour, 34 people in America are forced into prostitution. 

In 2013, human trafficking made national headlines when Ariel Castro was arrested (and eventually convicted) for kidnapping, raping, and forcibly locking three girls in his basement for a period spanning over ten years. One victim, Amanda Berry, even bore his child, thereby increasing the victim count to…

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Laci Green On The Objectification of Women’s Bodies


Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to share this video by Laci Green, a YouTuber and prolific sex educator. She made this video about the objectification of women’s bodies in the media and why it’s harmful. I liked it. Let me know what you think.



Resolutions and Girls in Nepal

I hope everyone has a wonderful year, full prosperity, joy, patience and love.

New Year’s Day has become a symbolic day for many, carrying the promise of new beginnings and new achievements. Personally, my resolution this year is to become more involved in my community. I also like to continue advocating for girls’ rights and education around the world.

And with that said, I would like to introduce her-turn’s Resolution 2014 campaign. An organization dedicated to raising awareness about girls’ issues around the world, such as child marriages and the lack of access to education for children. Late last year, her turn started Resolution 2014, a fundraising campaign to help Nepali girls in need. The organization’s workshops give girls the opportunity to “learn essential life skills that pertain to their health, safety, and develop leadership skills.”

An estimated 41% of girls younger than 18 are married off by their parents. In more than one third of new marriages in Nepal, the girl is younger than 15. Often forced into the marriages because of lower dowries, the illusion of protection from the new husband, or a lessened financial burden, the young brides suffer physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Once married, girls are forced into sexual activity and become pregnant before their bodies fully mature.

“Despite its widespread acceptability and prevalence, child marriage is illegal in Nepal. With parental consent, Nepali law states that a girl must be 18 years old to marry. Without parental consent, she must be 20. Though seldom enforced, these laws may better the lives of Nepali young women.” Girls’ Globe

Please take a minute to check their site and learn more about their workshops. We all have hopes and dreams. Let’s help these girls realize their dreams this year. Five to ten dollars will be enough.

Okay, I’m going to shut up now. I hope everyone has a great year!