“Oh My Stars!” Who or what is Clara Oswin Oswald?


Important: Spoiler Alert


Who or what is Clara Oswin Oswald? The Doctor is so intrigued, he spends his spare time (time not saving planets and people) trying to figure out an answer. The same happened with the mystery of River Song, except Clara’s mystery is more frustrating. Why? I think there’s a possibility that Clara is family. Perhaps, she’s a family descendant, related to his lost granddaughter or child.

We have seen the Doctor’s dynamic with his friends and past companions. We have seen him interact with strangers, but we know little to nothing about this family. In The Doctor’s Daughter episode, the doctor suddenly and unexpectedly becomes a father. What happens to his daughter after she wakes up? The Doctor still thinks she’s dead.

Okay, I have no evidence to support this theory. However, I pondered this question enough to entertain various thoughts.

There are many theories out there, many.  As these start to pile, I’ve selected my top five favorite and fun theories circulating in the net.

1. Family. This is mainly wishful thinking. The idea has me hoping that the Doctor’s daughter will come back, at least for a last round. The Doctor blames himself for the lost of the Time lords, Gallifrey, and his family. I’m intrigued about how the Doctor would deal with a family member on board. There have been subtle hints. Let’s not forget about the small bassinet the Doctor keeps in the Tardis (Good Man Goes to War), or how casually he mentions his granddaughter in the latest episode. Could she be the Doctor’s daughter? Grandchild?

Tardis-tardis-6289829-1024-7682. The Essence/Soul of the Tardis. The Great Intelligence continues to make its presence known.  What does he want? The last time we checked in with the Doctor, the intelligence wanted to take over the world and to kill the Doctor himself. One of the theories circulating the net suggest that Clara is the result from the Tardis’ first interaction with the great intelligence (possibly from The Doctor’s Wife episode). I don’t know how this would work, but it idea sounds awesome/brilliant.

3. Creation of the (Doctor’s) mind. Did the Doctor conjured the perfect companion? This is a reference to the episode, The Abominable Snowman. In this episode, Clara and the children give life to the snowmen with the power of their minds. Is Clara a combination of all the previous companions? If so, this might be a sad  realization for the doctor.

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The Doctor’s New and Old Companions

 Important: Spoiler Alert (Season 1 to Season 6)

Although I’m terribly sad about Amy and Rory’s departure, I couldn’t wait to see the doctor’s new companion in action. Asylum of the Daleks, the first episode of season/series seven presents a promising preview of Clara Oswin’s (played by Jenna-Louise Coleman) personality.

Clara is a talented and intelligent young woman. She also has the remarkable ability to speak faster than the tenth doctor (David Tennant). It’s fun to listen to her speak because she’s witty and funny. In my mind, Clara is a combination between Amy Pond and River Song, with a little of Rose Taylor.

(Also, all the running… reminds me of Jenny in The Doctor’s Daughter.)

Okay, it’s evident that I’m excited about this new partnership. The Doctor’s companions have a way of showing different aspects of him. Clara will become the eleventh’s doctor third companion, yet he still doesn’t know why she re-emerges into his life. Who is Clara Oswin?

The possibilities are endless. Nonetheless, the most exciting part of watching Doctor Who is seeing him interact and grow with his companions.

 Side Note: Can someone translate the Galliffreyan on the new Tardis for me? My Google Translate does not translate Galliffreyan.

Here’s my personal (and short) assessments of the Doctor and his companions’ relationships from 2005 to present.

Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) is the doctor’s first love interest. She sees the Doctor evolve and change, through time and regeneration. Their relationship is the one of star-crossed lovers (similar to star-crossed lovers). She’s from the earth, and he’s from Gallifrey. Then, fate separates them just when they are getting closer. The tenth doctor argues that he “is born in blood and battle”
(Journey’s End, Episode 14), but she “made him better.”

Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke) follows Rose to the end to the world. Mickey’s drive is protecting and helping the woman he loves. In earlier episodes, he complains that he’s not an important part of the team, and treated differently. He learns more about himself than he would have ever done on earth. By the time the Doctor acknowledges Mickey’s feelings, the young man has already found a new purpose. Just like Marta, Mickey becomes a soldier.

Captain Jack Harkness  life begins when he meets the doctor. He learns to live a life of purpose and dedicates himself to safeguarding earth from extraterrestrial invasions and insurgence. If anything, the Captain becomes an example on of how life changes when you travel across the universe with the Doctor. Jack becomes a little brother, in more ways than one.

The Doctor initially felt guilty for turning Jack’s life around. I believe it surprised him to see Jack so unbothered by his new strength. I would dare say that the Doctor sees immortality as a curse, not a gift. The Doctor has lived long and seen plenty. Jack’s  presence reminds him of his past and the man he became. He knows that Jack’s life may follow the same path.

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Once Upon A Time: Neal Cassidy’s* Real Identity


The Possible Identity of Once Upon A Time’s Neal Cassidy.*

Here are my top three theories:

1. Peter Pan. The references to Native American culture, the lost children, Neverland, Emma’s history and a new relationship with Captain Hook, make me suspicious. Could Peter Pan have escaped Neverland? What happened in between the time Hook lost his arm and the love of his life?

2. Baelfire. It’s a possibility. We can’t wait to see him running around Storybook, fighting monsters and arguing with his father. Would he just show up at the door and say “hey, dad! I’m home?” I can’t wait!

3. Human/Not From a Fairy Tale. I don’t know what August/ Pinocchio showed Neal in episode six (season two), Tallahassee. Was he able to see magic because he simply believed in it? Or is he from an unknown magical world? As boring as it may sound, he might be human. And it could be great.

What do you think?

*According to the official Once Upon a Time site, Neal’s last name is spelled Cassidy instead of Cassady.