“Oh My Stars!” Who or what is Clara Oswin Oswald?


Important: Spoiler Alert


Who or what is Clara Oswin Oswald? The Doctor is so intrigued, he spends his spare time (time not saving planets and people) trying to figure out an answer. The same happened with the mystery of River Song, except Clara’s mystery is more frustrating. Why? I think there’s a possibility that Clara is family. Perhaps, she’s a family descendant, related to his lost granddaughter or child.

We have seen the Doctor’s dynamic with his friends and past companions. We have seen him interact with strangers, but we know little to nothing about this family. In The Doctor’s Daughter episode, the doctor suddenly and unexpectedly becomes a father. What happens to his daughter after she wakes up? The Doctor still thinks she’s dead.

Okay, I have no evidence to support this theory. However, I pondered this question enough to entertain various thoughts.

There are many theories out there, many.  As these start to pile, I’ve selected my top five favorite and fun theories circulating in the net.

1. Family. This is mainly wishful thinking. The idea has me hoping that the Doctor’s daughter will come back, at least for a last round. The Doctor blames himself for the lost of the Time lords, Gallifrey, and his family. I’m intrigued about how the Doctor would deal with a family member on board. There have been subtle hints. Let’s not forget about the small bassinet the Doctor keeps in the Tardis (Good Man Goes to War), or how casually he mentions his granddaughter in the latest episode. Could she be the Doctor’s daughter? Grandchild?

Tardis-tardis-6289829-1024-7682. The Essence/Soul of the Tardis. The Great Intelligence continues to make its presence known.  What does he want? The last time we checked in with the Doctor, the intelligence wanted to take over the world and to kill the Doctor himself. One of the theories circulating the net suggest that Clara is the result from the Tardis’ first interaction with the great intelligence (possibly from The Doctor’s Wife episode). I don’t know how this would work, but it idea sounds awesome/brilliant.

3. Creation of the (Doctor’s) mind. Did the Doctor conjured the perfect companion? This is a reference to the episode, The Abominable Snowman. In this episode, Clara and the children give life to the snowmen with the power of their minds. Is Clara a combination of all the previous companions? If so, this might be a sad  realization for the doctor.

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Kyra Davis’ Sophie Katz Series

This is another book series review.

The Sophie Katz’s series by Kyra Davis is one of those unexpected and delightful audiobook discoveries. I don’t know where to start. I’m shocked that didn’t know about this series until now. How is that possible?

Sophie Katz is a mystery writer whose curiosity often lands her into trouble. She’s a Jewish girl of mixed heritage, her father is African American, and her mother is of Eastern European descent. In despite her wishes, Sophie often finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. She has an army of friends to protect her, including a sister, and “reasonably affectionate cat.” She’s also in a complicated relationship with private detective and mercenary, Anatoly Darinsky.

Davis’s work is witty, hilarious, touching, and socially conscious. Sophie is an independent and driven woman. I love that she doesn’t mind being single, although her perspective boyfriend is adorable. I enjoy the diversity of the characters in these books. Kyra Davis subtly remarks on current social issues. This is a pleasant characteristic of her books.

I’ve read the books and listened to the audiobooks. Gabra Zackman does a brilliant performance. She brings the characters to life, making the listening experience enjoyable and entertaining. Ms. Zackman captures the written voice of Sophie Katz.

Sophie Katz stands out from other chick-lit (that I’ve read). Perhaps, this is because she’s a genuinely caring person, and her relationships with others bring the best of her personality. Sophie’s world is as diverse and colorful as ours.

Sophie Katz gives Stephanie Plum a run for her money.

The latest installment the Sophie Katz series, Vanity, Vengeance and a Weekend In Vegas, is now  in stores. I can’t wait for the next Sophie Katz adventure.

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